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Crypto Currency: What is Crypto Currency, where to buy it? – Freehuts.

Crypto Currency: What is Crypto Currency, where to buy it?

Crypto currency: You can invest in any crypto currency of your choice, but before investing, get the necessary information about the history of that digital currency, the current price and the fluctuations in the last few months so that before investing. You understand all the risks involved


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Scams have also increased due to high returns on Crypto Currency, so investors need to be a little careful

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What is Cryptocurrency? This question arises in everyone’s mind. Cryptocurrency is discussed often but very few people know about it. In simple language we can say that crypto currency is a digital or virtual currency. This virtual currency is protected through cryptography. Online transactions can be done through this currency, there is no interference of any third party in this.


Now the interesting thing is that all the currency of the world is issued by some country, but there is no control of the government or bank of any country on crypto currency nor any authority can fix the price of crypto currency. can. There are hundreds of forms of cryptocurrency in the world today. Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Monero are some of the popular cryptocurrencies.


What is Cryptocurrency, understand this way Cryptocurrency is

  • a network-based digital currency, which is distributed through a huge network of computers.
  • This decentralized structure based on computer networks and blockchains keeps cryptocurrencies out of governments and any financial control.
  • Financial experts say that this technology based on blockchain will create financial and legal complications around the world.
  • The biggest advantage of crypto currency is that it is very cheap and fast money transfer as compared to other traditional currencies.
  • The biggest advantage of the system of crypto currency being decentralized is that there will be no negative effect on this currency from any one place.
  • Cryptocurrencies also have some problems, including price fluctuations, high energy consumption for mining and its use in criminal activities.


What is Blockchain? (Blockchain technology)

If you must have seen the book keeping account, then you can understand it in simple words in this way that Blockchain is a digital public ledger. Cryptocurrency is operated only through this digital ledger. Each transaction is recorded and allocated in a public ledger. The specialty of Blockchain technology is that even once a transaction is recorded here, it can neither be removed nor can there be any change in it.


Due to this feature of the blockchain, a trusted third party such as a bank is not required for the transaction of cryptocurrency. In this way, blockchain is a technology whose benefit will be maximum in the financial sector in the coming times. It is expected that with the help of blockchain, the cost of transactions will also come down in the coming time. This will increase financial transparency and will also get rid of fake transactions.


How many types of crypto currency are there?

Currently, there are many forms of crypto currency. Here we are discussing some popular cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is considered to be the world’s first cryptocurrency. It was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. It is a de-centralized currency, that is, it is not controlled by any government or institution. Due to the continuous increase in the price, there is a lot of attraction among the people towards this currency.


Ethereum is also an open source, de-centralized and blockchain based digital currency. The name of its founder is Vitalik Buterin. Its cryptocurrency token is also called ‘Ether’. It is the second most popular cryptocurrency after bitcoin.


Litecoin is also a digital currency derived from decentralized technology, which has been prepared with the help of an open source software. Its founder is Charles Lee who has worked at Google. Many of its features are similar to Bitcoin.


The story of becoming Dogecoin is quite interesting. It was compared to a dog to mock bitcoin, which later took the form of a cryptocurrency. The name of the founder of Dog Coin is Billy Markus. These days the market value of this currency is very good.


Tether is a large and stable currency. It is one of the most popular options for those looking to invest in cryptocurrencies.


How and where to buy crypto currency?

We hope that this article on ET Hindi has given you basic information about Cryptocurrency. If you want to invest in crypto currency, then being a digital currency, you have to invest in it online. There are many platforms where you can find out the current price of crypto currency and buy or sell it.


We are telling further about some of the major crypto currency buying and selling online websites. On all these websites you can buy or sell crypto currency by creating your account. Some of them have also launched their mobile app, by installing which you can invest in crypto currency from your mobile too.


1. CoinSwitch

2. Wazirx

3. Unocoin

4. Zebpay

5. Coinbox

6. BTCxIndia

7. LocalBitcoin


Before Buying Crypto currency necessary precautions

, if you are investing in crypto currency through an app, then be sure to check whether the app in which you are investing is safe or not. One reason for this is that hackers also create many spamming apps with similar names, due to which you may have to suffer.


You can invest in any crypto currency of your choice, but before investing, get the necessary information about the history of that digital currency, the current price and the fluctuations in the last few months so that you are connected to it before investing. Understand each type of risk well.


There is no clear policy of the Government of India on cryptocurrency, in such a situation you will have to take the financial risk. Therefore, it is better that you evaluate its risk before investing and invest accordingly.


Scams have also increased due to high returns on crypto currency, so investors need to be a little careful. Also get information about crypto currency and who is operating the crypto exchange. Credibility can be tested through social media and online opinions and reviews.


Keep in mind that the amount of cryptocurrencies in your portfolio should be limited. Also keep on understanding and learning which factors affect the price of crypto currency.



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