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You are very welcome to our website Freehuts. This website is completely a news website. Here you will get many important information along with the new news everyday. The goal of our website is to reach people with complete and accurate information. Freehuts About us, you will get daily news as well as cricket matches, fasts and festivals of India, technology, tricks, shopping offers, essays, elections, politics and many other information. We are proud that we are Indian, our website is also an Indian website and the biggest thing is that the News Home website , the national language of India. Apart from this, the most important thing about our website is that we show you the most recent and updated content.

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Established – January, 2022
Founder – Durgesh Gaikwad
Employee – 3-4
Email us at – [email protected]

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About the Founder

About Founder of News Home The name of our founder is Parag Agarwal, who is a blogger and a YouTuber. News Home is their biggest and oldest website. All the content on this website is written by him and under his supervision. Durgesh runs more than 2 blogs in both Hindi and English languages, apart from this he also has 1 YouTube channels. Along with this, there are more than 20 Facebook pages and Facebook groups on his Facebook, in which he has added about 11 lakh people so far.

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